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James Blond Rentals always gives our clients the very best Moving or Travelling experience possible. It offers convenience, choice, and sustainability in the realm of transportation. Our friendly staff will assist you to find the right vehicle for your needs every time. Here you have the choice to find the good to great for yourself!

Our Pricing

Group 36 (1)

Cars & SUV

  • Latest 2WD and AWD SUVs
  • Late model hatches, sedans, and wagons
  • Budget rentals


  • Light Trucks 9m³ - 18m³
  • Larger Trucks 19m³ - 25m³
  • Tail lift options on some models
Group 36 (2)


  • Standard and backseat cargo vans
  • Larger capacity jumbo vans
  • Petrol and diesel single-cab UTEs